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Alexander Buze     Dienstag, 08. Dezember 2015    

Bericht aus Indien zum internationalem Kenbukan Seminar 2015

Dear all,
I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Kyoshi Stanko Kumer for organising such a wonderful and well planned International Training Seminar in Germany from 20th to 30th November 2015. It was a truly amazing experience which I personally had. Meeting Hanshi Sumoto and Kyoshi Shioji was a very good experience along with the country chiefs of Nepal and Iran. I truly felt overwhelmed with the gesture of all the senior instructors present in the seminar.
I would also like to mention the support and love given by Gisilla, Markus Kumer and Gerd. Their love and support towards all of us can’t be explained in words. It was truly heartwarming.
The whole group of senior students of the German Kenbukan were so friendly and cordial. They always considered us as one of them and guided us whenever we needed.
The bondage between JKF Gojukai/Kenbukan and me has now become more stronger. I always consider Kyoshi Stanko Kumer as my guide and father in karate and I have truly received that support from his side always and specially during my stay in Germany. Thank you so much for all the support and help that you gave me in Germany.
Sensei Dipak Kumar Shaw
Chief Technical Director
JKF Gojukai Karate – Do Kenbukan India